Animated series

Welcome To Grgr

It is an animated series dealing with historical events in a comic template. The series highlights the cultural dimension of Sudanese history and draws attention to the huge potentials of tourism in Sudan. The vocal target of the series is to make tourism a more attractive industry for Sudan and Companies.
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The goals of the series

  • Entertain the viewer through educational comedy meaningful.
  • Promotion of tourism in the Sudan.
  • highlight the Sudanese civilizations.
  • Strengthening social cohesion and unity in Sudan through tours include all parts of Sudan.
  • Definition of civilizations and cultures, various Sudanese.

Gareebk Promoting Kordofan

A full sponsorship for a animated series of 5 episode is offered by “Nafrat Kordofan”. The series aims at promoting Kordofan State and is now showing the promo.




Sudanese Pharaoh who stands testament to the greatness of Greatest Kush Civilizations

John Fulton

a British tourist a billionaire with his son


a history teacher pension tried to invest in the field of tourism