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It is an animated  series dealing with historical events in a comic template. The series highlights the cultural dimension of Sudanese history and draws attention to the huge potentials of tourism in Sudan. The vocal target of the series is to make tourism a more attractive industry for Sudan and Companies.

Dramatic event is based on the confluence of Several distinct characters in their social levels , cognitive and cultural paradox in terms of evolving events between (Awawa) Sudanese Pharaoh who stands testament to the greatness of Greatest Kush Civilizations , and (John Fulton) a British tourist a billionaire with his son (Fulton) and followed by (Gareebk), a history teacher pension tried to invest in the field of tourism, taking advantage of his knowledge shrines historical in Sudan and the capacity of his nephew (Gissa) in the Internet and technology who succeeded in attracting the  British tourist and his son to begin with events in the escalating where dramatic stretch for a period of Long episode series ,

Every episode telling about  historic shrine or tourist to evolve so the node receives the comedy scenes imbued with a serial comedy and interesting information